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The Sea Keeper Comic Book

$6 & $5 S&H ($11 total price). ORDER HERE
By Diorama Fantasies Graphics©

Created by Joe Trujillo and Geo Brawn IV. The Sea Keeper, once a man, a scientist who communed with the ocean underworld he cherished, has now taken the form of something much more. He stalks those who would dare to harm his underwater domain. Those evildoers he finds will know his name through his deeds of vengeance. He was once a man, now he is The Sea Keeper.

Inspired by the original sculpture, "TheSea Keeper", every part of the story is brilliant by keeping you wanting to see the fantastic artwork that really tells a story. The unedited version debuted at the 2012 Monsterpalooza Show and quickly sold out. The 44-page edited version is available now. Don't delay!

Published by Diorama Fantasies Publishing © All Rights Reserved 2012

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