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These amazingly affordable resin model kits are perfect for beginners as well as experienced modelers. All model kits are available both pre-painted and unpainted, perfect for the paint-it-yourself modelers. All figures are collectors' series, limited editions, because once sold out they may not become available again. All figurines are so intense with details painstakingly rendered that you'll feel as though they could leap off the base and come to life. Please call for availability and pricing.

On all pre-painted orders, please call for price and completion time.

The Sea Keeper

Kit requires painting and assembly.

The Sea Keeper is created by illustrator and producer Joe Trujillo. Sculptor, Shane Folkes. Their original design depicts a merman in a beautifully detailed, 3-dimensional ocean scene swimming below the surface around the coral. 1/6 scale, 5 solid resin pieces with a new improved base.

The Sea Keeper Bust

Kit requires painting and assembly.

From one of the most popular original kits in the industry, The Sea Keeper, comes the much anticipated follow up companion bust, Sea Keeper "untamed", from designer, producer Joe Trujillo.

Dimensions: 10" roto cast in two pieces of tan resin. (The bottom jaw separates). This bust makes for the perfect companion to the previously released, full size resin kit, The Sea Keeper.

The Sea Keeper Wall Sculpture

Wall Sculpture requires painting.

Inspired by the original sculpture, "Sea Keeper", this stunning, three-dimensional wall sculpture design depicts the Sea Keeper in a beautiful detailed swimming motion below breathtaking coral reefs and surrounded by under-water cretures who inhabit them, such as a dolphin, octopus, sea turtle, reef fish, jelly fish, and a forgotten treasure. In one of Diorama Fantasies newest exclusive works, the scene plays across this 2-1/2 ft. wide, gallery worthy piece, which is cast in quality designer resin!

Dimensions: 30" wide by 20" tall. Cast in resin.

The Sea Keeper Comic Book

$6 & $5 S&H ($11 total price).


Inspired by the original sculpture, "TheSea Keeper", every part of the story is brilliant by keeping you wanting to see the fantastic artwork that really tells a story. The unedited version debuted at the 2012 Monsterpalooza Show and quickly sold out. The 44-page edited version is available now. Don't delay!

Published by Diorama Fantasies Publishing © All Rights Reserved 2012

The Ghost Pirate

Kit requires painting and assembly.

The Ghost Pirate is created by illustrator and producer Joe Trujillo. His original design depicts a ruthless pirate captain on his raft, dressed in body armor and armed with a sword, pistol, and rusted cannon. 1/6 scale, 9 solid resin pieces.

The Alien Space Explorer Ship

Kit requires painting and assembly.

The Alien Space Explorer Ship is created by illustrator and producer Joe Trujillo. Sculptor, Tom Ovenshire. Their original design depicts a UFO creature in a space craft with superb detailing. A group of explorers are searching for their survival on a sophisticated space craft that enables them to travel at very high speeds throughout our galaxy and earth. This kit is sure to be appreciated by UFO enthusiasts and sci-fi collectors.

Dimensions: Space craft 8" high, wing span 7-1/2", width 10-1/2", 4 parts total.

The Fantasy Dragon

Kit requires painting and assembly.

The Fantasy Dragon is created by illustrator and producer Joe Trujillo. Sculptor, Tom Ovenshire. Their original design depicts a fantastic animated dragon. The pose and body language are dynamic with a fantastic 21" giant wing span and a wicked snarling expression. Its wonderful skin texture and wrinkles are so life-like, it makes the dragon look as though he could leap off the rock base.

Dimensions: Over 21", wing span 9", from head to rock base, claw, wings and horns are separate pieces. 5 solid resin pieces.

The Werewolf

Kit requires painting and assembly.

Werewolf designed and sculpted by Tom Ovenshire. Available through Diorama Fantasies for $175 and $12 shipping and handling.

Kit comes with 13" Werewolf and includes a simulated rock base. Six pieces total.

This kit debuted at the '08 Wonderfest and promptly sold out. Please call before ordering for availability.

The Sea Princess

Kit requires painting and assembly.

The Sea Princess is approximately 1/6 scale and includes 6 resin pieces. It rests on a beautiful coral rock base, elegantly posed in a swimming motion along with a dolphin following along her side. The Sea Princess' destiny is to preserve and treasure the sea. Hundreds of sightings have been documented across the seven seas. People in perilous predicaments report being rescued and brought to safety by a beautiful mermaid they call "The Sea Princess". Designed, created and produced by Joe Trujillo. Sea Princess figure sculpted by Rikk Roberts.

The Guardian of the Nest

Kit requires painting and assembly.

The Guardian of the Nest kit includes 7 resin pieces. A large 1/6 scale alien creature in a squatting position on top of the pod type base. Two alien pod eggs hatching with two baby aliens inside with a rock type planet base. The overall look for this fantastic diorama display gives you the impression that the alien creature is sympathizing with his intruder and with the spaceman contemplating on what should be his next move, knowing full well that the wrong move could cost him his life.

The Haunted Pumpkin

Kit requires painting and assembly.

Inspired by the classic Halloween legends that begin as night falls, the artist’s imagination has created this spooky pumpkin patch that depicts a large monster-like pumpkin coming to life, ready to greet his trespassers, along with a haunted tree. Perfect for creepy Halloween chills.

Fantasy Gothic Door

Kit requiring painting and assembly.

Diorama Fantasies Gothic Door provides the perfect setting for all your classic monsters. Finally a realistic dungeon door. Superb detailing will bring all you figures to life. The stone wood look creates a very dramatic presentation.

All characters are fictional and original, created, designed and produced by fantasy artist, illustrator and producer, Joe Trujillo. All are copyrighted with all rights reserved. On all pre-painted orders artist Joe Trujillo uses a wide variety of techniques, including air brush, dry brush, water color, stains and oils, as well as acrylic, non-toxic water base paints. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks on all pre-painted orders. Please call before ordering.

Parental superversion necessary for children under 12 years of age.

Shipping Policies

Checks, money orders and cashiers checks accepted. Credit Cards accepted through PayPal. No cash or C.O.D.s. Telephone orders accepted. Orders paid by personal check will be held up to two weeks pending bank clearance. Please allow 2-3 weeks on all orders.

International Orders

For orders outside the U.S. please call for total cost of your order. Payment should be made by international check or money order with U.S.fund's only. All items will be shipped by U.S. mail or U.P.S. unless another service is requested.

Return Policy

In case of breakage, we must receive broken items within 10 days of receipt in order to refund the amount minus shipping and handling charges. A fixit contract is available upon request if your boxed item arrives broken during shipping and you want it repaired. Contact Joe Trujillo for more informaiton.

All prices are subject to change. We reserve the right to discontinue any item at any time and to make alterations in coloration or materials that we deem improvements. All items are offered on a limited supply. Due to the often unstable nature of the resin kit market, it is virtually impossible to guarantee that all items listed on our website will be in stock, therefore, it is best to contact us by phone to check on the availability of the items you've invested in before sending any money. Once items have sold out they may not become available again.

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