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The two dioramas above were built and painted by artist Joe Trujillo.

My name is Joe Trujillo and for nearly 40 years I have been fascinated with the wonderful world of science fiction and monster movie models. I remember as an impressionable child seeing the movie, "The Wolfman", for the very first time. I recall that I was struck with the vividness of the details in Lon Chaney Jr.'s monster.

From that moment, I needed more information and that led me into the unbelievable world of models. My first adventure was all the classic Aurora kits; and not just building and painting them, but through diorama scenery, bringing them to life.

Of course credit must go where it's deserved and who can really be a fan of models without first being a fan of the great Ray Harry Hausen. The incredible animation, special effects and amazing sceneries of Mr. Hausen never failed to reach and stimulate the individual's and in my case - "student" imagination.

Years ago, I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Hausen at one of his showings. I showed him my work; he seemed pleased and told me to keep up the good work of detail and imagination. He then proceeded to autograph my diorama fantasy pictures. This was a special moment in my life and something which I will never forget.

As previously stated, my work has been influenced by great innovators and pioneers such as Mr. Hausen. Through my experience and experimentation I've developed my own form and style of diorama, that of vivid images, details and three dimensional scenery. This has been nourished by astute observation of all forms of art and my life long involvement with drawing and painting, a natural part of my existence.

In closing, I hope that I've presented insight on my person and work. Also, that my written message would be further explained and described by the photos and my web site. Therefore, regardless of any outcome that we as humans experienced in the fascinating and mystical universe of art, the main objective is that art may be lived by all those who wish to savor it and should be made accessible for all to experience its beauty.


Joe Trujillo

Talented Artists Wanted

Joe Trujillo and Diorama Fantasies are always working on new ideas that subsequently turn up in any number of possible forms and are always looking to grow with plenty of passion and imagination. If what you see and read on our website appeals to you, and you think you'd like to be a part of the creative team at Diorama Fantasies, we are always looking for talented sculptures, comic artists, writers, and character designers. If you think you can help us in any of these areas, let us know. We'd love to hear from you. Send some reproductions of your art copies, color copy, and photos if you work in three dimensions. If you're a dedicated digital type, we'll also accept computer submissions in all formats.

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